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Make a Programming Cable for a Yaesu FT-4X

I referenced this video to modify a Baofeng cable to make a programming cable for a Yaesu FT-4X. Pulled 3.5 mm audio pin out of cable Pulled out 3.5mm pin Open case at USB end of the cable gently with … Continue reading

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Building an EU1KY Antenna Analyzer

So I got my Technician license April 2018 and wanted to get started in the amateur radio 2M band. Knowing that I would want to make a good antenna, I figured that I would need an antenna analyzer. I looked … Continue reading

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MN 2012 – 1st Vote – Last Time?

My son voted for his first time. MN Bill (HF 2188) could revoke his voting right. My son has been in special education all his life and graduated from high school in 2011. At 22 years old now, he is … Continue reading

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Perfect Butter Pattern

The simplest things can evoke the strongest memories! “The perfect butter pattern!”, uttered by my father on every grilled cheese sandwich ever made, flipping it only once. Tell me! What is a powerful memory you have of your father or … Continue reading

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Just had a philosophical epiphany. Googled it and found out that I think a lot like Sophocles. 🙂 Happens all the time and I find it funny and comforting when a modern rational conclusion echoes an ancient contemplation. It confirms … Continue reading

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Cultural Innocence – Night Sky Diversity

Do you enjoy learning something new about another culture? I do! It’s like a lens bringing a new perspective into focus. A work colleague from China gleaned from our conversations that I liked Astronomy. He found a star chart in … Continue reading

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7 Celestial Bodies

Have you ever wondered what it must have been like to know only seven celestial bodies that move through the night sky? Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter. That is all the ancients could see before telescopes. Of … Continue reading

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